Globoo began yelling at Kekto at the top of his Vapor Exchangers, “YAKTEEKO MURANAY! Kekto immediately turned the gate valve shutting off the high-pressure stream that flowed down the dispersal header, thus halting the instantaneous melting of the glacier face. This was all taking place when North America was occupied by humanoids hunting the Mammuthus Primigenus, (wooly mammoth). The LOKANEES were aliens from the central Milky Way region that had landed on this outskirt planet that was later named Earth. The LOKANEES were on a scientific mission to study and observe the local humanoids without creating any direct contact. They had noticed that the primitive tribes infesting the planet were in trouble because of a climatic runaway refrigerator mode. It was covering the planet in massive glaciers that were slowly working down from the poles towards the equator. In a few centuries they would be extinct. The LOKANEES saw a glimmer of hope for this pathetic species and elected to intervene, thus giving them a second chance. Scanning the planet and conjuring up a plan, they looked at all the variables to save the bipeds. They knew of high sulphur coal reserves to the south of the advancing glaciers in a region latter known as Illinois. It is here that they built coal fired boilers and sent plumes of black sulphuric clouds loaded with carbon dioxide that would soon warm the atmosphere and reverse the white death. The black soot landed on the glacier’s caps and the interaction with the planet sun’s photons started to melt some ice, but additional thermal help was needed. The LOKANEES installed pipes from the power plants to the face of the glaciers in an area now known as S.W. Wisconsin and directed steam right at the faces. The torrential meltwater created the carved coulees in this area that are still visible today. When their quantum computer calculated the exact solution, the steam was nixed, the plant and pipes removed, and the Aliens split the scene. 

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