A lone American male boarded a fully loaded B757-2 at the Wayne County Airport near Detroit, Michigan and was transported to Schiphol Airport just outside of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Upon arriving, he was scrutinized, released and headed off to the old city. It was a Friday night and the red-light district was engorged with human couples. The patio doors showcasing the vast assortment of frilly undergarment ladies were spaced at 75-foot intervals and all eyes were examining the sexy parcels. The only real customers that were bargaining with the flesh vendors were the sailors from the 7 seas. The remainder of the sidewalk audience were happy couples taking in the sights and sounds of the oldest profession still practiced: prostitution. The men were examining the eye candy in the windows while the women were making mental notes of what lingerie and hair styles were kick starting their man’s libido. These memories would be opened the next time the ladies went shopping at Victoria’s Secret and at their next visit to the local hair salon. The invisible American walked amongst the tightly packed crowd and was making observations on all stimuli. He ended up walking behind 2 black men from England and knew their origin instantly when they conversed in the Queen’s English. As they came to a patio door sporting a young black woman, they stopped dead in their tracks. The poor American was stuck as the crowd flowed around the frozen 3 some.  The first black man asked the second, “well, what do you think good sir? The second black man instantly replied, She’s Nigerian. FUCK THAT! The Yank started laughing hysterically and said, “you can tell the difference”? The 2 astonished blokes looked at the American idiot and said, “OH YES”! “Angolan women are very pretty”. “Nigerian women”, (pointing to the lady in the glass menagerie) “are very monkey-like”. Travel illuminates information that is not available on the internet. 

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