The never-ending battle between man vs. tree continues to this day. In colder climates farmers always pulled rocks out of their fields that were heaved up over the winters and stored them over on the property lines. These 30-foot-wide fence lines were eating into tillable land and had to go. The natural tree divisions between properties were cut down and sold off as biomass. The stumps were uprooted and burned. The rocks were sold to urban yuppies as landscaping ornaments and the treeless land was planted and harvested by GPS farm equipment right up to the last inch of ownership. The only trees left are a few shade umbrellas near the farmhouse and scattered cottonwoods defining a creek. Down in South America, vast areas of tropical jungles are obliterated by construction equipment for crops that will be turned into fuel. This will propel more trucks farther into the jungle to harvest more crop-based ethanol at the expense of biodiversity. These humans are smart cookies and it looks as though the trees will soon join the dodo birds except for a few examples left in their parks. Never mind the abilities of trees to take in CO2 and expel oxygen, humans can always split water and attain life giving oxygen themselves. But wait. A long time ago trees helped introduce a microbe in the intestinal tracts of mammals that takes food and breaks it down to greenhouse gases. With billions of humans and tens of billions of his livestock (needed for food) are farting out methane, the tides are turning. Water is rising, forcing humans closer together. This is a recipe for agoraphobia wars while mangrove and cypress trees recover. Temperatures climb like tropical trees off the canopy floors. Cattle die due to heat stroke and humans starve because digesting wood fibers never occurred in their development. A million years and the mammals are all gone. The hot green tree planet now orbits the sun, free from those destructive dinosaurs and those malicious mammals. 

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