Like the sun, some viruses have a coronal field just above the spherical body that does some strange things. While the surface of the sun is a balmy 10,000°F, the corona or atmosphere above the surface is over a million degrees hotter, thus suppling earth with a complete bath of electromagnetic energy that keeps us warm and alive 93 million miles away. Hanging off the RNA core of the corona virus is an ‘atmosphere’ of protein molecules than protect the virus and allow it to survive in undesirable living conditions for days or even weeks. Outside of a living host (mammals), that supplies it with mechanisms (our cells) that allow it to replicate, it doesn’t last too long. Like an astronaut’s space suit, this protein coating can protect the little ‘egg’ and increase its survivability. Virulent viruses are expelled from the host in mucus (sneezing), and can invade a new host, infecting that lifeform. With that coronal coating, it has found a new spaceship to get around in: cardboard. Expelled by an infected human on one side of the globe who is handling these precious ‘gift boxes’, it is now being rushed to the other side of the planet aboard planes that travel at .9 Mach. These viruses start moving in all directions and get to their destinations in under 2 days by highly efficient transportation companies.  They have fleets of new vans ready to take it right to your doorstep, where you bring it inside your home. While infected people are stuck in quarantines at the country’s airports, your infected cardboard box is now sitting on your kitchen table. Odds are in your favor that nothing will happen, but even Vegas does allow some big winners. The upside to all this is, if you are over 65 and you have maladies such as diabetes, MS, heart problems or a whole list of other diseases, this might be your lucky day. You are 20 times more likely to die than those younger and so you will then be cured of all your other pesky, annoying ailments that afflict you. 


  1. The modern day “American Gothic” would show ma and pa peering out of their front window at the package on the porch, with dark foreboding. Here at the ranch, we’re thinking of installing a decontamination vestibule in our foyer.
    Love your stories, Dan!

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