A middle aged construction worker by the name of Tommy Bratt was looking at his future, where he saw a fork in the road. To the left he saw his construction career in a narrowing path that would soon hit a brick wall due to his age. In an industry that relies heavily on the muscular/skeleton framework to get a job accomplished, Tommy could slowly feel the pains of his career attaching themselves to his numerous joints. Decades of picking up 80 plus pounds of construction components were taking a toll. Although the money was good, soon he would be feasting on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to perform his everyday tasks. With heart attacks as a possible side effect, Tommy’s family would be at risk of losing the major bread winner who supplied them with a luxury laden living. To the right at that fork was a brand-new career that never existed before and housed unknown risks. The 2020 pandemic of the COVID 19 strain of a highly infectious virus was playing havoc on the world’s health and its economies. Travel and hospitality businesses such as bars, restaurants and hotels were hardest hit. Companies held on to their employees as long as they could until the accountants directed HR to lay them off. Off in the weeds, insurance companies were pulling in huge amounts of data and sifting through the mathematics to come up with risk assessments. The scientists unloaded the numbers on upper management and a decision was made they would begin selling VIRUS INSURANCE. With a pool of sociable salespeople tapped from the hospitality industry, manpower could be picked up on a percentage basis. The more you sell, the more you make. With a world full of panicked people who watched the death tolls climb for months, there was no shortage of customers willing to pay premiums for a source of income if they got sick. Mr. Bratt, a gregarious guy, was a natural fit. A few years later, driving down the road in a Ludicrous Mode Tesla, he knew he made the right move. 

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