As the last note bounced off the 3-story brick facade on 4th Street in Austin, the musical group PUB CRAWLERS made their way back to their trailer. The power dispensed by the high energy, Irish Rock band was electrifying and left the crowd stunned. Comprised of 3 members that sported a keyboardist with electronic drum accompaniment, a guitar player that switched from acoustic to electric throughout the performance and a lead singer, sporting Irish military garb and hammering away on a harmonica whenever his deep voice wasn’t belting out vocals to a defiant tune. It was St. Patty’s Day in a town known for music and only the best artists were invited. Beer and wine had flowed all day and now that spring solstice was only 4 days away, the transition to darkness was abrupt. The streets were filled with young couples that were yanked from their homes by the promise of a grand time and no one there was even remotely disappointed. The young ladies attending who were close to ovulating, were chemically and musically enhanced to drop their egg for this day of festivities. Their boyfriends and husbands were filled to the rim with suds and couldn’t wait to get back to the homestead and shoot a load of reproduction poison housed in their pulsating testicles. Their prostates were poised to pump as much fluid as needed to float their sailors into home port. With music in their heads and alcohol tripping through their arteries, the stage was set to manufacture another generation of Homo Sapiens. The energy dispensed by the PUB CRAWLERS was now transferred to 2 intertwindled bodies in their ritualistic dance to penetrate and procreate. The gyrations culminated in complete collapse as the egg and sperm collided later in the evening.  Mission complete. As Christmas drew near, the pediatricians increased their workload to bring forth new soldiers into the world. As time advanced and tempers flared, they set their boots on the battlefield to the beat of war drums. 

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