Among traded commodities that generate monetary flow are coffee, soybeans, pork bellies and precious metals. Silver, if timed right, can potentially quadruple one’s money in a very short period of time. As a long-term investment, it is not a very good performer. The trick is in the timing. When the stock market collapsed in 2008, reasoning would point to a surge in price immediately after that, as panic would set in and send a bunch of investors using the precious metal as a hedge. It took 3 years to drive up the prices and a few months to settle them back to the original level. Since then they fluctuate up and down a buck or two. Due to a handling fee in the buying and selling of the metal or a certificate of it, you need to see a 2 to 3 dollar per ounce increase just to break even. Unloading the precious metal itself is worse, because someone will physically see your stash and its location. You may get a pipe over your head. A better investment would be in common everyday objects that are reasonably cheap now, but someday will have a run on the products due to a panic situation. The recent items that are in demand now are toilet paper, wipes, sanitizers, bullets and masks. Care must be taken by the hoarder/distributor or he may get his ass kicked by irate citizens who don’t appreciate his opportunistic tendencies.  A safer, more productive method of obtaining wealth can be borrowed from the drug companies. Knowing that only a small percentage of viral victims die, the disease must run its course and then the immune system figures out the game. You eventually get better. All you do is get on the Internet with that new potion that you discovered from the ancient medicine men of Atlantis. With a great line of bullshit and a vat full of azure blue cucumber and prune juice mix, the satellite guided vans will fill the cities with Dr. Deceit’s New and Improved Corona Snake Oil. Hey, it works. In just a few short weeks nearly everyone will recover. 

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