As more and more of the hideous Humorus Stupiens broke into the internal workings of the innocent viruses and replicated their sorry asses at the expense of those inert beings, something had to be done. The omnipotent Googs felt somewhat responsible for releasing those little bastards unto the universe and started taking steps to right this wrong. The only problem was time. As an object gets bigger in this universe, time slows down. A day in the life of a Goog is a millennium to a HS’er. While the Googs had to go to meetings to discuss the fate of the little pricks, these shitheads were off to the races, breeding and stealing within the world of the viruses. As more of them figured out the key to gain entry into the viral world, more of them came into being by thieving the reproductive chemistry of the viruses. They also figured out how to fly the Pyramid space crafts that laid around the virus’s world like vans in a parking lot at Woodstock. As they escaped the virus world and left to go sabotage another part of the universe, the first wave of CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS’es found a suitable planet that would tolerate the turkeys. Landing on 6 different continents spread out over thousands of years, they left their crashed ships in remote locations such as Egypt, Mexico and China and ventured out. After a short period of time to the ungodly large Googs, they noticed that they were making a mess of the blue ball known as earth. Their decision was made and steps were taken to execute the cure. What the Googs did was to take the poor viruses that were devastated by the destructive little Humorus Stupiens and pushed them through their black holes and crush them much smaller than the HR’s. They then transported the little mercenaries over to planet Earth and now those sorry souls who called themselves HUMANS because they didn’t know how to spell, were going to get paid back. It’s all about the universal law known as; What Comes Around, Goes Around. Squirm Humans. 

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