A tankerload of time ago, on a virus far, far away, lived a rag tag collection of Humorus Stupiens, (HR). These bizarre lifeforms are itsy bitsy little pieces of atomic trash that are too small to really care about, but what the hell, let’s hear their story anyway. They were discovered by a super race of really smart Googs that were huge and farted thermonuclear explosions. Their underwear was made of metallic diamonds and there were very dark burnholes in the center of their solar system shorts that were known as black holes. This fact is immaterial, but all stories contain useless information while the author is waiting for something creative to occur in his brain. Anyway, these Googs have invented a muon microscope that can see really tiny shit. The original microscope was invented in 1590 and can see bacteria. The electron microscope concept was invented in 1931, but it took 9 years to get to 1 million power magnification and can see viruses. The muon microscope was created overnight by the Googs on stardate: 25J. 31 and this gigantic contraption can see Humorus Stupiens at 1 billion power magnification. It seems these odd little bipeds spend most of their time hanging around viruses trying to get into its shell. They hang on and pull on the protein skin tags suspended on the outside of the virus but are denied access. Later the HR’s try and break into the peaceful little viruses, but their receptor keys don’t match. However, through shear randomness, the correct chemistry and shape allow the little turds in and then the whole shit show unfolds. These greedy, uncouth and horribly mannered HR’s get access into the working parts of a virus and muck up the formally organized structure within. It isn’t very long before a large quantity of these undesirables come blowing out of the unfortunate virus, just like those toothy, bloody worms from the Alien movies. A bunch escaped once and flew a pyramid shaped spaceship off to an unfortunate planet called Earth. 

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