Rover von Zigler the third checked into the Hyatt franchised, BARKLEY RUN INN, located in the affluent suburbs just outside of Washington DC.  Rover was here on business to attend a national convention on educational directives aimed at instructing Homo Sapiens on properly understanding Canine behavior. Rover von Zigler the third was the regional director of Human Training, representing the 12 midwestern states and carried a Master’s Degree in Education. The 4-year-old Rover was fresh out of the illustrious LOBO UNIVERSITY, a Milk Bone institute located in the Ottawa National Forest in Northern Michigan. Known for its pristine hunting grounds and excellent dog runs, success was guaranteed for its pedigreed graduates. Rover entered the BARKLEY wearing his alpaca skinned, Gucci designed, saddle bags worn over his freshly groomed and shampooed fur coat. The other dogs in the lobby were impressed with his solid gold, Tiffany collar that sported a ruby encrusted medallion of a Porter House Steak. The concierge at the desk, a well preened, white French Poodle, asked Rover if he would like a hotel Retriever bell hop to carry up his saddle bags to the room, but Rover politely declined. After sitting in the Lear Jet for the last 2 hours, Rover was looking for some exercise. Upon entering the plush room, Rover trotted over to the expansive king-sized bed and gobbled up the doggy treat laying on the comforter. He proceeded to check out the bathroom and spotted a bright red, Kohler fire hydrant located in the middle of the room for urinary expulsion urges. He was impressed. Rover checked out the TV guide and was ecstatic to see the Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Benji channels. Being out of town and unbridled, the stud called up the Poodle at the front desk and asked for 4 bitches to be sent up to his room. Rover had every intention to make the best of his freedom and planned on spending the night doing extensive butt sniffing and humping bitch tail until dawn.  

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