Hardwired into the human brain is leftover caveman directives, creating a behavior that lead to his survival to become modern man. Back in the days of hunting woolly mammoth and hairy rhinos, the weapons of the day were crude and required up close encounters in order to make the kill. Hunting in groups of many males, in order to increase the odds of success, the tactics included stealth and silence amongst the gang. The sportmen went out in search of their quarry with a plan and tightly sealed lips so as not to alert the prey. This silence filtered down into the present Homo Sapien man who only speaks when he needs to, unless he is a salesman or has a homosexual proclivity. On the other hand, the females of the clan took on the responsibilities of preparing the freshly butchered meat. This exposed the smaller, weaker sex to attacks from scavengers who located the food through their sense of smell. They soon learned to huddle in a group and make sounds with their vocal chords to keep these scrounge beasts at bay. It was this group socializing and articulating a primitive language that sent the females off on an evolutionary gab fest. To this day, the clucking hens when set in a group, will chirp out a stream of unimportant, verbal nonsense incessantly. Even when around a single male, this sex will vibrate a nonstop stream of gibberish as if to let the hunter know that they’re doing their job back at the homestead. In today’s society, when out in a group, if she needs to use the facilities, one or more will accompany her. This is also left over from the prehistoric days, when 1 left the group to defecate away from the food preparation area, others would accompany that one for safety reasons. All the time making constant chatter to scare away unseen freeloaders in the area. These bugling bitches made sure no one stole their food and are the main reason that the Homo Sapien species did not starve to death and disappear from the planet, like the Neanderthals. 

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