In the days following the assassination of Osama bin Laden, the American public was exposed to a brand-new technology that existed for at least a decade. Two Black Hawk helicopters descended into an urban compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan using noise cancelling technology. The accidental crash and subsequent, intentional explosive destruction to one of the choppers, brought to light the ability to mask sound. This was accomplished by measuring and almost simultaneously emitting an equal but opposite sound through speakers to cancel out the original noise. No one heard it coming. This technology now exists in new luxury automobiles and pick-up trucks today, to make them quieter on the inside of the vehicle. If the astonishing mechanics of this technology are carried to the next level, the benefits would be amazing. Intercepting electrical signals emanating from the brain, scientists, in time could decipher their meanings and their destinations. Years spent by doctors, electrical engineers and IT people and using live skulls donated by death row inmates that are hooked up to decoding devices installed in the spinal cord, could produce such results. Once pain is recognized and understood, an equal and opposite signal is sent out via a special suit worn by the recipient hooked up to a computer. Pain killer drug abuse will no longer exist because pain will be immediately cancelled out. As a spinoff, all muscular movements of an individual trying to accomplish a task, will be perfectly orchestrated. Advanced software will control everything. The Olympic Games will be cancelled because all contestants shall perform flawlessly. There will even be an app for vulgar, jokester males, that give him the ability to control his methane gas storage, abdominal and sphincter muscles. This will allow him to fart out a 6-minute, 4 octave version of Beethoven’s 9th symphony in D minor. An absolute classic, in a whole new format that is guaranteed to turn heads. 

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