In the popular movie series, THE MATRIX, if a character needed a specific skill set, it was downloaded into the brain via an electrical cord that mated to a port in the back of the neck. Within seconds, that individual could then operate a vehicle that they’ve never seen before with extreme precision. Minute manipulations of numerous finger and hand movements transferred through the controls will produce expert command of the vessel. All this is accomplished with electrochemical signals that take an ephemeral amount of time to accomplish. Dodging bullets, however, is impossible. Trying to rapidly move a large amount of human mass out of the way that quickly will rip the flesh from the bone, but inducing or intercepting nerve impulses is not. Using a specialized helmet or an implant to accomplish this goal is achievable, with the objective to alleviate pain, the crippler of daily deeds. Without pain, you could extend the working careers of individuals right up to death. The skills and vast knowledge acquired by these individuals could be utilized for training young workers and also be a source of additional taxation. Workers who are in the manual labor division, such as migrant crop pickers, factory assembly, farmers and construction people will still wear out, but without the pain. Even at 88 years old, they would still be able to carry a bundle of shingles up a ladder to the roof. These stalwart and tenacious plebeians will be sought out by the music industry for the unique musical sound generated by bone on bone friction.  Imagine an entire Symphony Orchestra composed of many geriatric virtuosos, moving their body parts to the direction of a conductor. They will produce, a never heard before exquisite opus, using nearly all 206 bone on bone vibrations, of remarkable pitch, percussion and of deafening amplification.  A standing ovation of unprecedented time duration is guaranteed for these archaic, arthritic artists that entertain. 

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