Buried in the bowels of our magnificent fusion reactor we call the sun; photons are born and begin their bouncing journey to the surface. Their parents are a couple of protons that met one day through sheer coincidence at the very core where relationships are launched. When this sensation of closeness materialized, the natural state of autonomous freedom was superseded and the act of love, an anti-loneliness, magic potion created a little photon named Foti. Foti spent the first 100,000 years of his life encountering repulsive forces that dictated his education. Forced to change directions many times, Foti accumulated a library of experiences and matured his character over time. Eventually, the little guy was illuminated. He continued to hang in the neighborhood for thousands of more years, until curiosity got the better of him and he elected to leave home. Foti shot out of his cozy incubator at the speed of light and set his sights on a blue orb off in the distance. Taking nearly 8 minutes, his entry into his new home was filled with exciting new stimuli and he decided to do what he knew best; bounce around. Foti raced through the azure blue sky and kept a little of it for himself. He then took aim at a distant rose and stole some its intense red. As he took off for a vibrant lavender lilac, he looked up and spotted his burning yellow home off in the distance, so he put some of that in his pocket. Foti then found a field of grass and other plant life in bloom. He zoomed down low and scooped up intense tans, brilliant greens, glowing oranges, wispy whites and even some somber blacks, just to round off the spectrum. His journey had only one more destination in sight. He peered out on to this fantastic planet and then spotted his final resting place in the distance. So off he went at break spine speeds, heading for a blue human retina. Upon entry, he embodied his entire life’s journey on to a lone neuron. The grateful human beamed an enormously broad smile. 

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