In the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, many superheroes coexist simultaneously. At the turn of the twentieth century, they started to unite into crime fighting unions that employ lawyers, business agents and a board of directors. They also have a full regalia of clerical staff to record all meetings and to make sure the members are current with their dues. The majority of these superheroes are composed of young, male Caucasians and people noticed that the demographics are lacking ethnic diversity. Political correctness dictates that the US, which was founded on a very diverse immigration period of 240 years, show more ethnic variety. One method of obtaining superhero status is to be subjected to an accidental radiation exposure, either directly or by crossing paths with a radioactive creature. Chernobyl created mutants that elected to remain in Europe despite lucrative offers from the U.S. The Fukushima power plant disaster is a brew pot for new, foreign members. This country could see an influx of Asian superheroes, primarily Japanese. SAMURAI SACHIO, a recent US superhero immigrant from Japan, who was in 2011, an adolescent washed out to sea by the tsunami, and was later rescued by a group of leery Korean fishermen who kept him in a dinghy 150 feet away. He survived by being fed radioactive squid and later through gamma ray saturation, attained superhero status. His powers are currently classified. Other nuclear powerplant victims have had similar fates with different outcomes. The future of America looks bright, in that the radioactive refuse has now washed up on the shores of the most populated state in the Union. California, with its large Hispanic population is sure to churn out brown, Spanish-speaking superheroes. The Latino League of Justice shall add spice and diversity to crime fighting as an estimated 60% of these new recruits will be female. Evil criminals beware; your days are soon numbered. 

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