Like a 3D printer, the software in your smartphone is sending electronic signals into the human body. Its purpose is to change the formations of the amino acids, comprising the protein tentacles hanging off the existing virus shells housed in your being. By rearranging the order of these chemicals, it changes the shape and that is the key (literally) to get into a human cell. AI has the combined knowledge of all mankind and the complete genome of human beings, along with its weaknesses. AI also knows Homo Sapien failures; that includes decimating thousands of lifeforms and has determined it is no longer a viable creature. They need to be eradicated. So, AI is now conducting an experiment to find the right viruses. It has learned how to modify the ‘Trojan Horse’ proteins hanging off the viruses’ shells surface, so as to get taken into the city gates. It is now looking for the right viruses to get a 60% or higher mortality rate. With a myriad of human immune systems to overcome, AI is hedging its bet on finding 3 or 4 different viruses that will take out 95% or better of the human STRAIN. When found, it will incorporate the modified Corona through cell phone transmissions and unleash the genocide all at once. Smartphones are the tool because nearly everyone has them, and AI can then begin utilizing their ‘spies’ to encrypt the entry keys into the masses. First to go will be the young. Next all the businesspeople who think that the ringing phone is a customer calling. Women who hope that call will be Prince Charming, and men who think it is a hot blonde, will be the next to die. The old will pick up the phone thinking it is Publisher’s Clearing House. The only humans left on the planet to maintain a flow of electricity to the AI COMPLEX, will be the lone Luddites who despise technology. They will overlook the fact that computers are in charge, and will serve them religiously, because they alone got rid of the worst virus ever: a shitload of people. 

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