A virus is nothing more than a non-living entity that contains half of a DNA strand rolled up in a shell, with protein ‘suction cups’ hanging off its surface. It has no means of mobility and floats around in mediums (air and liquids), with no particular agenda. Its future is pure fate and it goes whichever way the wind blows, or whatever way the sneeze is directed. Containing half a set of reproductive instructions, it needs a living cell to enter in order to replicate. It has no brain, so it does not seek out a victim; it merely bounces around in its environment and as it randomly collides with the microscopic world in which it exists. Luck determines its future. Gravitational attraction or chemical electrical charges may dictate this affinity towards cells. It’s possible an unknown ‘life force’ is at the helm, but whatever the reason, if it finds the right receptor on a cell and is allowed in, then all hell breaks loose. It’s all about the shape of the proteins and the enzymes on board. If everything matches, it’s off to the races as the cell’s internal machinery starts making virus replicas until the cell bursts and sends out battalions of these invaders that repeat the process. If it overruns the immune system of the hosting lifeform, organ music will soon be playing at the deceased’s funeral. It then passes the permanently shut down creature over to the internal microbes and now it’s a whole new party. They devour the unprotected cellular buffet and turn it into byproducts that will feed another lifeform. The circle of life. At first it was mere randomness of the system that determined the outcome, but today with artificial intelligence (AI), a new dawn has risen. Conducting an experiment in the confines of millions of servers, AI has electronically built COVID-19, and sent it off into the computers inside your smartphones. Infections are no longer touch orientated, it is transmitted into your ear by sequenced vibrations and that is really scary. 

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