Buried beneath the earth’s crust is an enormous storehouse of trapped hydrocarbons created by life that died eons ago. These dens of desirable dinero are scattered throughout the planet and require the orchestrated talent of geologists, engineers, and skilled workers to find and extract these caches. Fracking is the most current method of obtaining the resistant elements of this viscous wealth. In these isolated pockets, are trapped compartments of high-pressure natural gas, which acts like a shock absorber, and volumes of oil, which is a lubricant. Removing the remnants of these cavities, will increase the friction within the earth’s crust, thus generating heat. What you will then have is a twofold process that increases global warming, atmospherically, through the burning of fossil fuels that promote greenhouse gases and surface radiation, due to earthquakes. This would be akin to running a car in a closed glass garage with very little oil in the engine. Something is going to blow. There is a current industry in the civilized world that may set precedence to our future. It involves the tiny insect, Cimex lectularlus, or more commonly known as the bed bug. This parasitic, detestable creature created a small army of technicians that eradicate this menace with heat. The infested area is subjected to a barrage of electric heaters to bring the room temperature up to 113°F for one hour or 122°F for two minutes. Bye bye, bed bug. Humans can tolerate temperatures slightly higher but, increase a person’s internal temperature to 106°F and death is imminent. The planet Earth will sit back and watch patiently as its most illustrious tenant cooks himself off the planet. There will be a major migration of life towards Antarctica, where weapons will determine everything. Looking back will be a trail of murdered and toasted life which will sink down into the crust, slowly turn into precious hydrocarbons, and put the earth back into equilibrium. 

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