Throughout nature, there occurs a tentacle-like pattern that shows up in lifeforms, geographical contours, and cellular designs. These structures are known as dendrites and present themselves in nature in both micro and macroscopic systems. Examples of these functional, lacey arraignments include: as a tree’s multiple limb and root complex, as a creature’s spidery vein and artery system, as a network of creeks, streams and rivers in a huge drainage basin, and the organization of neuron links in the formation of a nervous system, including the brain. Nature can solve multiple problems with these extensive, 3D trunks and branches to get the job done. Such genius needs to be applied in the oil extraction industry. Humans love tinkering with genetic engineering (thankfully, a group of erudites banned human cloning outright to prevent an influx of biped retards). However, Genetic Plant Engineering has come a long way with increased yields through disease, drought, and temperature resistance; and tolerates crowding. All that is required is to cross a deep rooted willow tree, with a 7-foot a day growth rate of a bamboo plant, add a microbe that thrives on hydrocarbons, and presto, you have a giant Oil Chia Tree. Position this hybrid on an existing oil well and watch its dendritic roots head for all the undiscovered oil in the area. It would shoot up to 1000 feet tall in less than a year, storing all of the oil in its cells and being as massive as Tree of Souls, from the movie, AVATAR. Just cut off a branch to extract the oil, no harmful fracking is required. The fringe benefit would be that it would grow forests in parts of the world where oil is present, that are currently deserts. These new, lush, giant gardens would promote tranquility through its unique beauty. The Middle East would become much less violent, in that its citizens could get out of the unrelenting, scorching sun and peacefully relax in cooling, refreshing shade of an oil tree forest. 

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  1. I really liked Avatar 3-D but was duped into thinking that I had multiple “floaters” in my field of vision. Thankfully my vision was restored after a couple of special beverages after the movie.


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