Scattered throughout the world are top secret installations with heavy security protecting these proprietary locations. The perimeter of the base itself, can reveal much about its level of surreptitious knowledge contained within. First and foremost is location. Installations in remote parts of the world suggest a very high level of security. Somebody spent a lot of money to place these fortresses way off the beaten path and away from prying eyes. Access to, and construction of, these castles of classified stealth is limited to governments and their defense contractors. The next parameter is the fencing. High solid masonry walls with barbed wire on top is the ultimate. Some pharmaceutical research laboratories use these obstacles for its display of being impenetrable as they work on abortion drugs such as RU-486. Descending down on the list are double layers of high chain-link fences with enough room between them to drive security vehicles. Camp David in Maryland touts this example because of the prominent and powerful foreign guests that will occasionally reside there.  Single layer fencing with razor wire is used at most military installations and some corporation compounds, along with ample signage warning of criminal prosecution and a bevy of security cameras. The caliber of the security force and its armament is also a good indicator of the technology within. If it possesses military servicemen with fully automatic weapons, you’re at the pinnacle of top secret. These warriors have authorization to use deadly force, such as the Nevada Test Site, where nuclear weapons are tested. Minuteman missile sites are patrolled by gunship helicopters. None of this compares to the furtiveness that takes place at the company lunchroom and its coffee pot when discussing a fellow employee’s sexual escapades. The discussions are muted and extensive head movements occur to scour the horizons for spies. These conversations always end with, “AND DON’T TELL ANYONE.” 

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