Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. It allows one to look at a system and, through logic, postulate an explanation of what is occurring. There is approximately 6 feet of coiled up DNA in a double helix within the human genome. The legs of this ladder are composed of a sugar and phosphate molecules and the rungs are composed of 4 base pairs identified as AGC and T, with hydrogen bonds linking A to T and G to C. The total sequence in a human genome is around 3 billion pairs of which only 2 million actually contain the protein manufacturing instructions for making and operating a human being. The rest is classified as ‘junk.’ Nature abhors junk; it is either an ancient lifeform or it is knowledge. Perhaps a previous lifeform is wrapped up inside our genome. Long ago, life started out as a single cell creature floating around in a temperature
steady medium (water). It then paired up with another cell and diversified, just like human civilization. As more cells were added, specialization occurred, and with it, uniqueness. We are but a twig in this tree of life that has been replicating for eons. The formula for the whole tree is in our genome. During slight mutations of the base pairs replicating, new versions appear, yet they are the same lifeform. Just by changing around a G or C, or leaving out a sequence, you now have 8 billion unique beings, all Homo Sapiens. This is in the active part. Imagine what lies in the junk. This may be what cancer is. An old life form that has been activated and grows within our bodies causing our demise, regardless of age. Cancer treatments consist of exposing a human to nasty toxins. It is foolish, but profitable. Attack this problem like the Manhattan Project. Throw a ton of world money and the best talent to find the cause and do not stop until the solution is found. Then release LITTLE BOY upon the inflicted and eradicate the scourge sequence from human civilization. 

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