Built into all life on earth is a genetic code that dictates the design of a particular lifeform, and from it, can construct complicated life. Along with this unique code is a substantial amount of ‘junk’ information. In humans, the junk is approximately 98% of the total human genome. That is a lot of junk to replicate constantly. Therefore, two possibilities exist to explain this phenomenon. First, it is a replication of all life previous to ours that repeats without an activation command and would elucidate the cancer activation process. A chemical trigger might somehow activate an old lifeform that now starts to grow within us, mimicking our cells, but making them lazy. In time, the freeloaders will kill the host, just like the movie ALIEN, but without the dramatic insemination procedure. In essence, a lethal immaculate conception. Or secondly, all this junk is really coded knowledge, passed down from our ancestors. This would explain our ability to survive, because an earlier version of us, perhaps in our ape days, experienced some traumatic event that was emblazoned in our neurons, and later transferred as information into our DNA. So, in addition to physical traits, you also inherit stored knowledge. This would explain certain inborn abilities and hidden talents, as they were passed to you by your predecessors. All this junk, at the 98% ratio, is not junk, but is the real you. The proof for this concept, whether it is example one or two or a combination of both, is called Russell’s teapot. Named after Bertrand Russell, a philosopher, he used this analogy to explicate religion. It states that between Earth and Mars, in an elliptical orbit around the sun, is a ceramic teapot. Because of the vast distances and the lack of a powerful telescope to locate this teapot, it must exist, because one cannot say for sure, that it is not there. This back and forth logic and reasoning comprises the foundation of the field of philosophy. SO THERE!!

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