The Tree of Life’s genome size rivals that of a small galaxy’s number of stars: around 3 billion. Within that code is a plethora of information or knowledge that gets constantly replicated in the human genome. Considered junk by most geneticists, concerned only with the 20,000 or so that determine protein production, this junk may be stories of extinction in the 99% of life on earth that are no longer here. There is the tale of the T-Rex from South Dakota who saw a bright light due south 65 million years ago. There is the story of the last woolly mammoth who went out to greet some bipeds with long poles in their hands 9,500 years ago. Then there is the narrative by the Neanderthal who made a trade with a Homo Sapien and got his throat slit. All this and more are buried on that curled up DNA strand that resembles a tape recorder’s magnetic tape. In order to save life from future extinction, nature has encoded an operating system to improve survivability. Like Microsoft’s Windows, this is known as DDL which stands for DECEIT, DISGUISE AND LIES. These behaviors throw off a potential enemy that is planning to eat another for survival. Incorporating these tactics greatly improves a smaller creature’s ability to turn the tide in a conflict. Treachery, ambush, and misinformation generation are all behaviors generated for species continuity. Over the centuries, humans have excelled at employing this DDL system and they have spread from one to all seven continents. Used effortlessly in business, in war, and even in the reproduction process, DDL ensures survival for the elite humans who climb the heap of deceived enemies or used lovers that lie below them. So adept at functioning in this mode, it is now the nature of the apex predators who commands this planet. DDL is perhaps the greatest survival operating system nature has ever devised, and has been given to every creature who flies, walks, swims, or slithers on or near the surface of this giant Colosseum. 

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