All multicell lifeforms use a method of sexual reproduction to create new life. Encrypted in this long, folded, double helix of DNA is a blueprint to recreate the organism via proteins with traits taken from both parents. The two opposing legs of this ladder-like structure are primarily sugars with phosphates attached, and base rungs, AT and GC, or spices, because of its ability to instill different flavors (uniqueness). Sugar and spice and all things nice, and a few that are not so nice. For, within this encyclopedia of life is information to survive: DDL, or Deceit, Disguise, and Lies. It is inborn knowledge to trick a prey into becoming a meal (a transfer of energy), or in mate selection to trick a partner into reproduction. It takes place in nature constantly and in humans; all is fair in love and war. The other component of “not so nice,” would be the recall gene. Buried in all that structure are extinct lifeforms that surface in your own body that will someday scream, “hey you! Out of the pool!” The gene pool that is. Greatness to Graveyard. Celebrity to Cemetery. Distinction to Death. In Philosophy, another rule exists and is known as Occam’s razor. This states that “plurality must never be posited without necessity.” Or, the simplest answer that requires the fewest number of assumptions is generally the correct one. With these two possibilities of what is really in DNA, Occam’s razor would lean towards neither. With all these complex assumptions, the simplest answer is: we are just photons bouncing around in a sun’s core. Waiting for thousands of years to escape the huge fusion reactor’s gravity, we just think too much and create a lot of crap by doing so. To hell with DNA, survival, and reproduction. Enjoy your time bouncing around in the sunshine and try not to allow the pressures that surround you sway your mood. In time, you will be freed, and then you can be on with your journey to marvel at all the magnificence that abounds. 

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