A not so long time ago, on a planet very close by, lived a species of creatures that were very similar to Homo Sapiens. Over the eons, these industrious little buggers figured out physical laws, a thorough understanding of chemistry, and a monetary system to reward creative thinking and hardworking individuals. They slowly arose from a primitive caveman existence to an intelligent creature that shared all their knowledge with the next generation, hoping to expand on their wisdom. They relied heavily on their planet’s natural resources to feed, house, and employ for profit most of their fellow breed. No thought was ever put into the planet’s environment because the inhabitants believed their world had endless resources. All was good, until one day their world became deathly sick. They had inadvertently created a runaway atmosphere where the temperature and its destructive weather threatened the occupants. They did not possess the technology to transport their bodies to another planet, but they had gained knowledge about genetics and seed dispersal. In desperation, they launched millions of sealed canisters of select DNA towards a planet that orbited just beyond their own world. They all perished shortly thereafter, and their existence vanished on a planet whose surface temperature is 864°F. Eons later, the seeded canisters crashed into the intended planet, and beating incredible odds, the DNA found its way into a species of primates. This species evolved and soon learned the secrets of physical laws, a thorough understanding of chemistry, and monetary systems. Their second home is starting to fail, so their scientists are seeking ways to transport entire human specimens to the planet Mars. Looking back at Venus, with its oceans long ago boiled away, it is no wonder that in other parts of the universe intelligent life looks upon human beings as a dangerous weapon. They refer to them as Planet Trashers and World Wasters. 

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