The female human is born with 1 to 2 million eggs of which 1/3 remain at puberty and 4 to 5 hundred are actually ovulated. Around age 30, 90% of their original count are lost. Men, on the other hand, can average 250 million sperm cells per ejaculate and sustain high numbers into their 70’s. With all of this life goo being constantly available, one would think that there would be trillions of Homo Sapiens scattered on the planet. The fact is that life is a chemical and chronological miracle. Timing, health, and behavior play huge roles in pregnancy, with hormone influenced females calling the shots. They usually know their ovulating timing because humans are only one of 16 species of 5,416 mammals that display menstruation. The fertilization chemistry that takes place in the fallopian tubes, and later attachment to the uterine wall, is loaded with chemical milestones that must be met or miscarriages will occur. Homo Sapiens do not possess very good odds for conceiving and delivering a hearty human. This is nature’s quality and quantity control system to keep the apex predator in check. Sara Felden was monitoring her basal body temperature and knew her ovulation was near. Just recently, she charmed her way into Gibberanty’s trailer home, and nature’s chemical cocktail slowly eroded his defenses. Gibberanty was now talkative and responsive to interrogation and was putting his freedom at risk. He did not care. Nature was experimenting with a new prototype. After multiple visits, the pair were comfortable with each other and hugs ensued. Laughter and touching filled the evenings, and for once in his life, Gibberanty stayed awake for 12 hours, neglecting his dreams. Sara anticipated that her temperature would soon drop and purchased a secret weapon, ethyl alcohol. She washed, perfumed, and cosmetically decorated her body, then stuffed her assets into enhancing apparel and made her way over to Gibberanty’s lair. Nature was at work to create a new life.


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