Nature knows the drill when it comes to reproductivity quotas. The bottom of the heap in the food chain can reproduce at will, in order to keep the cupboards full of a protein source for loftier species. Bacteria, krill, and insects are materializing in droves by the second in order to keep the higher members fed. Every lifeform on this planet is nothing more than a cereal for something else. Even humans occasionally fill the gullets of lions, bears and sharks. The table can shift as humans become the entree for bacteria, especially in old age and death. As creatures ascend the scale in complexity, nature installs limiting mechanisms for population control. Human conception is tricky business, and not content with that, nature also installed other safety devices inside the human to control the total number of these apex predators. These safety checks are known as emotions and come in a
multitude of flavors. A sampling of these life terminating suppressors is rage, hate, racism, envy, greed, lust, wrath, and a favorite of fertile adults, jealousy. William Felden just approached the Gibberanty trailer and was hell bent on bringing his wife back home. He located her through his maintenance payments decreed by the courts and spotted her car down the road from her trailer. He arrived just in time to see a naked Gibberanty about to mount the love of his life, Sara. The animal emotions flooded his brain as he watched briefly from the trailer window. Unable to control these chemical weapons that take lives, Bill pulled the flimsy trailer door right off its hinges and entered like an enraged bull. Pulling out his Glock 22 and aiming at his target 7 feet down the hallway, Bill assessed his quarry in a microsecond. Naked Sara was on the bed off to the right with her frilly panties still hooked on her left ankle. Immediately Bill pulled that trigger 26 times and hurled 15 hot lead projectiles into the torso of the target. Gibberanty inhaled life no more. 

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