When a genitalia innie (female) slides into this world, the parents practice a different set of rules during her 18 year plus apprenticeship. Nearly everything is geared for her future as a generation extender and caregiver. Even as a wide eyed infant, the colors and toys are feminine based to help her in her training program to grow up and become a good mother. Not all graduate. With laxed parental control, introduction to substandard peers, and an occasional behavioral defect, some grow up to be evil witches that will be the central characters of the SNAPPED CHANNEL. This minority is greatly overshadowed by the majority that tend to get it right. Included in that training is the introduction to dolls at a very early age. This prepares them for feeding and diaper changing, minus the fecal surprises that will be coming their way. An education with art classes will prepare them for future Jackson Pollock’s abstract expressionism that will show up in their child’s Huggies. The main training behind dolls is in the beautification techniques. With clothing being the second greatest female asset, just behind her ASS and a SET of tits that nature has provided to get the male’s undivided attention, fashion turns big heads and makes little ones pop up. Cosmetics and hair styling are also instrumental in attracting that soul mate to procreate, and then live happily ever after. With their own preening skills honed to perfection, the woman now looks to improving the show room condition of her conquest. With proper vaginal dispersion, and an occasional tooting of the trumpet, she begins the subtle process of fixing his flaws. He must undergo visual scrutiny before leaving home, and soon finds himself color coordinated with his bride. Her living Ken Doll is now stripped of his decision-making prerogatives and realizes that resistance is futile.  Some males have elected to fight this draconian imprisonment, but soon found themselves emotionally and financially broke. 

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