As cattle numbers increase, more land is needed to graze upon. If you have to move hundreds of steers a hundred miles, these costs are deducted from the revenue that these animals will generate when they are sent off to the slaughterhouse. If the stockmen do the math correctly, and the variables are factored in, intelligent decisions are arrived at and the cattle baron may have to reduce his total number of steers. Sending extra “beef boys” off to the stockyards at a lower price will actually save the steak farmer money and lower his risk. This technique is called THINNING THE HERD (TTH). In the world of humans, the process is similar. Every day, people are employed in lucrative and diverse TTH industries. In America, around 40,000 people die each year in automobile accidents. As the vehicles are designed to crush and fold in collisions to make them safer, the government steps in and increases the speed limit to compensate. The firearm industry has flooded the market with more guns than people in the US, with nearly 400 million weapons. 2017 figures show just under 15,000 people ‘got capped’ in homicides, and another 23,000 plus were taken out in self promoted suicides. The workplace itself kills about 13 people a day and an estimated 125 patients die of medical mistakes every 24 hours. Pharmaceutical overdoses have soared in the last decade, thanks to drug companies churning out high potency, synthetic opioids. An estimated 70,000 people fell off the planet when they got “high”. The food industry is a little more subtle in their statistics as no one really knows the deaths caused by chemicals thrown in the meal to give it more shelf life or a vibrant color. With only 3,000 deaths in directly attributable food poisonings, this one’s a sleeper. The biggest TTH victor is war. Whenever a country is faced with an overpopulation problem, merely drum up some “issue” and send the youth out to be culled. Civil wars are great, they are twice as effective.

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