The earliest form of fireworks was hundreds of millions of years ago when a lava flow overcame an existing lifeform. The intensely hot magma heated the creature rapidly and flashed the water contained in its body into steam. The resulting rapid expansion disassembled the victim quickly and blew its organs and tissue in many directions. Around 2,000 years ago, people realized that if you threw a piece of wet bamboo into a fire, it exploded. Once gunpowder was invented in the ninth century and chemical additives were thrown in around the 1830’s to give it different colors, the fireworks industry exploded. This visual and sound extravaganza became a billion-dollar business in America. The greatest displays take place on the 4th of July to celebrate our country’s independence from England, which was won through bloodshed. This commemoration utilizes the chest thumping sound waves that mimic the thundering cannons that amputated the limbs and lives of many a soldier. The colorful bursting rockets are reminders of mortars and shells that scattered body parts away from the young men who knew but one word: patriotism. The colors include, liver bile yellow, black (invisible) and blue skin from the trauma, bone white and blood red. The entire singular displays culminate in a giant battlefield of explosions, fires, sparks, and smoke that the winds of time will carry away. The still air now carries the oohhs and aahhhs of the emotionally connected crowd that briefly contemplate the quietness of peace. The future holds an even more impressive demonstration of demolition that will tremendously trump all previous firework displays combined. It will involve a worldwide ignition of huge, churning mushroom clouds that will boil away all the bipeds from this planet. As the radioactive dust settles and the deadly clouds drift away to finish off the final fleeing humans, the awe-struck audience will emanate appreciative chirps and clicks from their intact insect bodies. 

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