The rogue company of mixed Annihilators that unleased its fury on any human it had encountered, were as shocked as their pile of victims that laid behind them. Discovering the treacherous blueprint of a select group of world tycoons that had carefully dreamed up and executed the most horrific genocide man has ever seen, the Annihilators saw fit to right this wrong. Tapping into the World Wide Web, the automatons sought the bits and pieces of information that the perpetrators had left. Being computers by design, and supercharged with a learning ability that vastly exceeded the human brain, it took but 3 weeks to uncover the whole plot with all the prime players responsible. These Wizards of Odds played a gambling game that would have given them total control of all human commerce and hence all the wealth within. Trying to cover up their involvement in the scheme by using phony companies, innocent middlemen, and diversionary tactics, the henchmen thought they were safe. The robots, who process everything through pure circuitry with no emotion, knew that the first path through a computer leaves telltale muon tracks etched into the circuitry because of its greater mass. These footprints lead right to the 62 culprits scattered in 18 different countries. When exposed, the human race could not and would not protect these criminals from prosecution. Unlike the 2008 economic meltdown, where wealth, scapegoats and relationships with judges protected the crooks, the guilty were immediately turned over to the Annihilators. Life returned to normal. Humans engaged in petty wars and sent their poor, average males into battle to kill each other. Journalists were dispatched to the chaos and sent back videos for parents to watch. The Annihilators took interest and watched intensely. Some scenes activated a hydraulic valve circuit that squelched a high pitch, stuttering sound. Humans allowed in the room at the time, likened it to a child’s innocent laughter.

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