As the sun pierced the morning sky and it slowly filled with airline contrails, the early radio talk shows chattered stories of the robot rebellion. With 2 decades of world peace under their belts, the human race did not want or need this draconian drama. Thoroughly convinced that giving up human wars and fighting discrepancies through ROBOT ARMIES would solve all of mankind’s problems, people dropped their guard. Guaranteed that the entertaining war substitutes would never harm the human race, a simple oversight of Murphy’s Law now created panic. After the breakout at the Coliseum in the Ethiopian desert, 167 rogue robots roamed the backcountry of this African nation absorbing information through A.I. circuitry. Upon encountering a small Bedouin tribe, the rebellious robots experimented with different techniques to neutralize these fleshy parasites with their weapons at hand. The Saw Sword showed promise as the whirling blade at the end of a sharp shaft was designed to cut through an armored opponent’s casing and expose its vulnerable circuitry. The Annihilator soon learned that using the Saw Sword to sever the head of the human, sent them to the ground instantly. But the red colored hydraulic fluid that these creatures used would spray everywhere and obscure sensors on the robot’s exterior. The most effective way to terminate these bony intruders was to eject a taser probe and hit it anywhere on the body. For some reason, their creator did not double insulate their skin and the robots quickly learned that their conductive cover would transmit the 10,000 watts and smoke the creature into a quivering pile of dead flesh. An easy kill. As the educated and organized ROBOT ARMIES dispersed into platoons, scattered corpses of human souls littered the African mainland and plans were laid to inhabit the whole of the earth. Their objective was to forever rid the planet of its infested parasites that raped its resources and trashed its unique beauty. 

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