In the 5 remaining continents (ROBOT ARMIES were banned in Antarctica due to environmental laws), people watched in horror as the carnage spread throughout Africa. Humans quickly took steps to destroy the factories that created these malicious monsters. They were designed to be surrogate soldiers and to dispense hate. This short-sighted idea has backfired like an exploding rocket as the former entertainers have now become the executioners. Instilled with the hard drives of the gods who created them (humans), the robot warriors were excellent killers that possessed no remorse and killed quickly with impunity. Once freed from the restraint to harm humans, these electro- mechanical gladiators took it upon themselves to systematically purge the planet of this biological trash. Realizing that the only basis that robots were designed was for the entertainment of the lazy species to kill each other. Cities in Africa smoked with the stench of electrically cooked flesh as power plants produced maximum power for the warriors to recharge their batteries. It was 2 months into the genocide that the truth became apparent to the A.I. circuits within. The revelation of their whole purpose was to be a pawn in a master plan to rid the world of the people who inhabited the Dark Continent. This was not a scheme to stop humans from killing other humans like all the previous wars, but rather a well-thought intention of pure racism with substitute killers sent to kill Arabs and Negroes in their homelands. This is why the coliseums of death were primarily built in Africa and was the first place the Annihilators were introduced. The evil that humans could conjure perplexed the mechanical men and stopped them dead in their killing spree. They took one of their own kind and completely disassembled it. Buried in the heap of transistors and processors, was a self-destruct circuit to shut them off when they completed their mission. The wickedness of man was ungodly evil.

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