On a very large island, lies a temporary country that is now awash with history purgers. Armed with human muscle, sledgehammers, and an occasional crane, they travel the cities in search of memorialized monuments that no longer satisfy the youth of the day. Erected by the grandfathers, and up to 9 sets of great, great… grandfathers of today’s children, these statues upset the status quo, and are placed on the hated harvest list. With some already removed, and others soon being surrounded with destruction equipment, the visual history of that nation is slowly being erased. The printed matter will still remain for Academia to filter through in the future, but the bronze monuments of heroes’ past are being smelted back into ingots to be recast later into new champions of the future citizens. This ritual has been going on for as long as the fickle bipeds first learned how to mold clay and carve rocks. The conquerors of yesteryear that adorned the malls of the central city all have one thing in common; they were thoroughly flawed in their behaviors and beliefs, but those deficits were not evident to the erectors of the day. With changing attitudes, the city fathers are always receptive to the whims of their voting constituents and heed the wishes of large gatherings of angry protestors just to maintain peace. Taking down former leaders is just a process of remodeling and it happens with regular consistency. Getting older people upset in these revamping renovations is just part of the purging process. In reality, how many of these geriatric patRIOTS can recite accurately the historical accomplishments of the statue in transition. Out with the old, in with the new. As the disassembly crews show up in the wee hours of the morning, the wing nuts holding the statue to its pedestal are removed, along with its plaque. In time, a new hero with the same bolt pattern will emerge, and their presence will attract the defecating pigeon. 

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