Upon arriving at the military style work camp with tight security designed for detaining undesirables or political prisoners who are now deemed untrustworthy, you are instantly sized up physically and mentally. The staff in charge that are analyzing you have a keen insight into your ability to perform certain tasks and obey orders. Their decision is based on their experience with hundreds of other misfortunates that have trodden through that same bleak entrance and are no longer alive. A thorough examination of staring into your eyes to see if you look away, look down, or meet their stare head on tells them a gold mine of information that will make their determination as to where your fate will lie. Skin color (not the racial kind) and defects cannot hide what is going on inside the workings of the human body. Posture, physical limitations, or handicaps are then noted, along with the texture of the palms. Are they smooth or are they callus and arthritic? An oral interrogation is given and the reason for that is twofold. First, it reveals a bit about your past and second, the interviewer is looking into your open mouth examining your dental hygiene that indirectly reveals your financial status. Your associated paperwork is then thoroughly scrutinized, and that will have an immense bearing as to your placement in the CONCENTRATION CAMP. All this starts activating the decision-making process for the official in charge of your case. This facility director may ask a few questions of his staff for additional recommendations, but this tactic is more about reinforcing the morale of the subordinates, than for what they have to say. Finally, the commandant looks you dead in the eyes and pleasantly says, “Hello Mr. (Mrs.) Smith; it appears your papers are all in order. On behalf of all the staff here, we want to welcome you to the illustrious and extremely comfortable Tranquility Nursing Home. We hope you have a very pleasant and protracted stay here. 

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