The United States of America has the distinction of being the number one country in the world of imprisoning the greatest percentage of its citizens. Communist countries with heavy government control over its citizens jail less, but to keep things in perspective, they may dispose of their troublemakers permanently, and those numbers are unobtainable. The high numbers in AAMerica (All About Money), may be directly attributed to capitalism and pulling back the reins on capital punishment. When you don’t kill the real bad guys, they’re going to hang around prison for life, and that could be a long time if they are caught young. As far as capitalism is concerned, this is just another business. When drug wars, hormonally excited sex partners, and aggressive DA’s toss first timers and class A misdemeanor offenders into the cage, it’s because a jail cell opened up and the owners want a return on their investment. Politically connected corporations that have lobbyists in exorbitant palaces within sight of D.C. can and do push for more prisons, just like the hotel chains keep expanding. If you build it, they will be found guilty. The lawyer’s job is to keep its clients out of jail and the DA’s job is to satisfy the demands of the captive, hospitality-industrial complex. With all the jobs and income that this industry generates, it is entrenched into the AAMerican economy like a prison cell, fixed and unyielding. As the population grows, so will the numbers of prisoners; it’s a product of statistics. The alternative is to replicate what the British did, remote penal colonies. There is an entire, unused continent hanging off the bottom of the planet. Send all the criminals off to Antarctica to duke it out for survival and see how that goes. In 2019, the Australian continent was the 13th largest national economy, not bad for a former penal colony. The world of the future could be fed by a group of felonious farmers and murderers distributing tasty penguin delicacies.

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