A select few of the Crow People’s fleet disengaged from the net-like covering of all the land masses and proceeded to the Capitols of all 195 countries. With a prearranged meeting involving the leaders of these countries in their own lands, apprehension was relieved. As each vessel landed on a secure location close to the Capitols, platforms that were previously constructed, according to specifications of the Crow People, were ready. No roofs were required. The Aliens had guaranteed 85°F sunny weather, regardless of latitude, and assassination attempts would not occur in these locations. If you can master gravity, then controlling the weather or chemical propellants is child’s play. The full crew complement was 2 black figures that exited their vehicles as they floated over to the platform. A wavy heat distortion hid their true shapes as the dark figures grew from 4 feet to 8 feet and back in all 3 directions. They pushed a 2-foot cubed, metallic box out of their cloaking field to communicate in any language that was present. They told the humans about their lives in the universe that contains 29% dark matter and 66% dark energy. The humans and their universe resided in the remaining 5%. To explain this more readily to the slightly advanced apes, they used bananas as an example. The Crow People lived in a big bunch of bananas while the humans coexisted around 1 tiny banana. Some scientists understood this while the rest of mankind got hungry. The Crow People were here to protect the whole universe because that 5% gave balance. They explained that the human race was destroying the planet at an accelerated rate and that this tiny speck in the visible light universe was important to the balance of the entire dark universe. They explained that the humans were an out of control bacteria that put planet Earth in jeopardy and had to be reined in. They apologized, floated towards their craft, and took off with the rest of the armada back to invisible Emma. 

To be continued………… 

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