Engineers and scientists alike were perplexed by the damage incurred on their returning probes. The vandalism showed evidence of some sort of intellectual intent, yet the aluminum wrapped probes leaned towards juvenile humor. Additional studies of Emma and Eve were disappointing because our primary sense is sight and their jet-black atmospheres cloaked all that was beneath it. Infrared and ultraviolet instruments proved fruitless as nothing returned back to earth. Lasers were aimed at the 2 sisters, but the intense beam scattered into a small spot and abruptly stopped. These darkened planets were resisting dissection. Then Harry Klapon suggested that a series of magnesium grenades dispersed into their atmosphere to instill intense visible light in order to give scientists some kind of background illumination. When they did this, a horde of flying objects came out of the darkness like a swarm of enraged hornets. The unknown inhabitants of Emma made their presence known as thousands of movement blips appeared on Earth’s ground-based radio telescopes within a few days. Interpreting the motions gave insight to the images that were produced over time. Their flight patterns and responses showed an inquisitive yet guarded behavior. They also flew in an organized social order. This, and the fact that the only color in the visible light band that they appeared in was black, Harry likened them not to hornets but rather to crows. The Crow People came unto the human race. The world’s media sector was ablaze. Hypothesis, conjecture, and hysteria filled the air waves. Talk show hosts wore aluminum foil hats. Alien T-shirts sold by the millions and religions recruited missionaries to get these new heretics into the fold. Governments assembled welcoming envoys to sway their new neighbors into mutually exclusive, lucrative pacts. Construction crews were throwing out bids for housing our new best friends and wanted to know if they required any remodeling done at home. 

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