The whole planet waited in apprehension as the newly discovered life-form that was right here the whole time, slowly approached earth. Their crafts flew in a delta configuration as the entourage from Emma appeared. It was thee most intense historical day the Earth has ever rotated through. As the hundreds of thousands of alien crafts descended upon the planet earth, nearly every human looked skyward to view another life-form in the universe arrive in grand splendor and in formation. Cheers echoed through streets and canyons. Raised arms looked like millions of millipedes flipped on their backs as a sea of appendages waved back and forth welcoming our new friends. Tens of thousands of bands played, filling the planet with music the likes that had never been heard before. Church bells rang and children danced in the streets. As the Crow People descended to 2,000 feet above the terrain, the ships formed an electrically locked grid above the entire land mass. Wherever one stood, they could make out at least 10 equally spaced alien vessels just hovering above the landscape. Black as night and silent as death, all the triangular crafts just froze in place and remained motionless. Then slowly a low rumble ensued, and all the ships started to open a camera style shutter on the bottom of these alien cruisers. When fully opened the pitch changed from a rumble to a high-pitched whine and immediately a black powder was dispersed. It fell to the ground in an umbrella shape, overlapping the adjoining ship’s discharge and coating all the humans and creatures underneath, uniformly. It soon fired the cauldron of panic as some thought this was a poison, like a lethal insect toxin, intended to wipe out mankind. Others imagined it was a spice, like pepper, in order to make humans more palatable. Scientists knew its real purpose. It was an impermeable barrier to keep visible matter (humans) from direct contact with the Crow People who were composed of Dark Matter. 

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