A brigade of war hardened soldiers from the Treponema Pallidum province of SPIROCHETE, has been aerial dropped into enemy territory. The commander, General Stanley Thomas Dewey, a no-nonsense veteran of many invasions, quickly orders an encampment deep in the heavy forest just beyond the DZ (drop zone). The wily leader has been sent in to seek and destroy an enormous enemy missile launching facility hidden in the dense undergrowth. He immediately sends out multiple scouting parties in all directions to gather intel. These guerrilla trained, mobile platoons are agile and stealthy, and in no time Baker Squad returns with a good lead on the launcher’s location. The entire brigade bugs out, and by following the notches in the trees left by Baker Squad, they come upon a hill with a small clearing and are in amazement as to the size of the launcher. In the retracted and lowered position, it dwarfs the entire army. General S.T. Dewey scrutinizes the situation and knows from experience that the only way to take out this monster is to attack the barrel end. Sprinting his men toward the business end of the launcher, the general knows that no resistance will be met out here because the enemy is confident that this massive weapon is invincible. The command center is far away in an armored bunker, but when the weapon is ready to fire, a small, less educated, directive post at the forward chamber, takes over. Doing double time, they reach the opening and are divided into twenty companies. On cue, groups of 200 soldiers rush down the prodigious pipeline and head for the junction that separates the flushing fluids that cleans the barrel, from the chemical weapons that are fired by the launcher. The objective is met, the 7th company breaks into the underground weapons cache and quickly corrupts all its contents. General S.T.D. is successful, this gun will now fire only loads that will kill its own kind. Victory is vicious and syphilis is sweet. 

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