The fine, light vellus hairs of childhood give way to coarser and darker androgenic hairs of puberty and adulthood. Their growth is influenced by the hormones androgen and estrogen and create a carpet of pubic hair around and on the components of the genitalia of the individual. Many factors influence the texture, color, length, and shape of the ‘pubic pelt’, but in general, a male’s shape is a triangle pointing up and a female’s is a triangle pointing down. Color is usually the same as the eyebrows and may explain the massive market potential of eye cosmetics. The evolutionary reason for their existence is to reduce friction and aid in preventing bacterial infections of the urinary tracts and sex organs. The mammal method of copulation is rapid thrusts of the penis into the vagina, and accounts for a large amount of friction that is necessary to ejaculate the male. However, at the entry point, skin irritation is undesirable, so a buffer zone of ‘bush’ was created. At times, all life is under attack from other life forms. War is constant among the living. If a brigade of bacteria is ‘planted’ near the genital area, their goal is to reach the internal headquarters of their host, where their intentions are to: obtain the objective, disrupt operations, and assume control, even at the cost of death. The introduction of a large ‘forested’ area by the host, to confuse the enemy as to the location of the command center is an old age tactic of disguise. When a female has a Brazilian Wax, she removes the camouflage advantage she possessed prior to the defoliation. The bacterial platoons instantly focus on the ‘the mountain with two caves’ (the nostrils) way off in the distance. Intuition tells them that two command centers on a female are in the opposite direction of the landmark and scurry off rapidly, unimpeded, for the urethra and vaginal tract. A twofold frontal attack. Had the terrain been intact, they would’ve been lost and perished in the Black Forest. 

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