Since the industrial revolution, technological advances have graphed a nearly vertical line after 5 thousand years of mostly a flat horizontal horizon. The only blips to get the graph off the zero axis was an occasional weapon improvement and weapon delivery vehicles such as ships and wheeled trebuchets. With the advent of the steam engine, electricity and computers, the graph has sailed nearly straight up, just like the initial flight path of an ICBM. The improving computers and millions of pieces of data encoded into it, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now run hundreds of millions of scenarios to arrive at the best solution. It learns rapidly how to negotiate failures that were installed in those software algorithms, and by trial and error, it will rapidly solve the problem. In 1996, Deep Blue beat the best human chess player. In 2011, Watson whipped the Jeopardy player with the most consecutive wins. And in 2017, AlphaGo won 4 out of 5 games of Go against its best player. This ancient Chinese game has more moves than the number of atoms in the universe. With this ability to sift through the entire human experience in seconds, it won’t be long before AI becomes the premier novelist, the most moving poet, and a superlative science fiction writer any alien has ever encountered. Looking through the works of Shakespeare and thousands of other world class writers, AI will instantly pick out the best allusions, the most vivid descriptions and the tear jerking emotional flavors, and combine them into a library of mass produced classics that roll off the printing presses every second. There will be no need for suicidal, tortured souls that need editors to smooth out their erratic thoughts. Each release will be perfect, so media critics can now join the ranks of the unemployed writers and auto assembly workers who were all displaced by AI. With all the unemployed humans sitting on park benches and feeding pigeons, KFP (Kentucky Fried Pigeons) will prosper. 

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