In a small corner of a faraway galaxy in a non-descript solar system, lived two different types of creatures who will never be researched for lack of interest. They coexisted for centuries on opposite sides of their planet with little cultural and scientific exchanges. They looked different, had divergent languages, and only interacted if the one’s immediate neighbors started breaking rules. The two regimes contrasted intensely. The larger of the two had 13 times more denizens than the smaller, and thus had more riches, technology and superior weapons because this planet promoted deadly competition caused by a chemical known as toastosterone. The smaller country was much older, but like its big rival, went through periods of political strife and occasional divisions because of a deadly chemical called toastosterone. This tiny territory split with its own kind decades ago. The ruler of that northern regime is known as 2 of 5, and while experimenting covertly with toastosterone, he earned the name 2 of 4. The new leader of the powerful nation is known as 4 of 5, and his brash tactics has caused great concern amongst its citizens. Both countries have a terrifying weapon known as a catanuke. It takes a small piece of terrain and launches it at the homeland of their enemies. It can melt millions if thrown in the right location. 4 of 5 has thousands of catanukes because his country developed these armaments. 2 of 4 is reported to have around 20 catanukes in the development stage, but under the influence of toastosterone, he may be compelled to use them. 4 of 5 has threatened to retaliate relentlessly, and the only ones dying will be the innocents who just want to live their lives in peace. Common sense prevails in this part of the universe, so the citizens of both nations tied their leaders onto their respective catanukes and launched, releasing the leaders into each other at superior speeds. The problem was resolved; their leaders were toastosteroned. 

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