Throughout history, most humans found a need to have a king or sachem to guide them in their struggle to survive the perils of purpose. Often, in the early history of Homo Sapiens, hunting prowess and fighting skills was the determining factor for the selection of their superior. Over time, it was the offspring of the former authority figure that became heir apparent to the throne. This insured the status quo and continued the lineage unless a rare coo would arise and start a new regime. Somehow, intelligence was exercised, and nepotism didn’t quite meet the minimum daily requirement for a suitable supervisor capable of an honest subjugation, so democracy was invented. This process was a fair and just method of choosing a ruler by popular vote (usually), from a cross section of charismatic and well-spoken candidates who represent different viewpoints. During an election year, months of mudslinging, character assassinations, and moral mutilations, your choices are: do you want Stomach Cancer or Liver Cancer to lead you into the future? These are your 2 main choices. Candidates are just like the weather; you get what they give you, deal with it. The real absurdity is that your new leader is more important than you or your immediate family. Regardless of the ridiculousness that can emanate from their pieholes, if your commander in chief, along with his military advisors, determine that a foreign enemy is a threat, well then they send your offspring to destroy their enemy’s offspring, in other words, conventional warfare. Meanwhile the upper echelons are rushed off to hardened bunkers by dedicated bodyguards, while armies of subservient soldier minions prepare for slaughter, either the enemy’s or their own. Carl Sanborn once wrote, “Someday they’ll give a war, and no one will come.” In the meantime; War! What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY SOMETHING! lt promotes technological advances, employs many, and thins out the lower classes. A recipe for success or regret??

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