In the development of newborn human babies, breastfeeding is encouraged to promote health through nutrition and establish a physical and emotional bond between the child and the mother. In some cultures, breastfeeding can continue into the child’s 3rd year; whereas, in western societies, weaning or the transition of obtaining nutriment from sources beyond the mother takes place in less than 6 months. The difference is in the pace of the culture. ln America, where the drive is to make as much money as possible in order to secure the best for that child, mothers are expected to return to work as soon as possible. Bad behavior can be traced to premature weaning. This rapid departure from mammary meals causes agitation and mistrust and may be indirectly responsible for the United States’ vast military might. Government spending on nuclear weapons and delivery systems could very well be the result of Gerber Generals and Similac politicians. Similac was marketed by a pharmaceutical giant that also produced deadly neurotoxins for other government agencies. All this pretense for human annihilation, may be the undesired spinoff of trying to maintain a sexy and shapely female breast, all for the male’s visual pleasure. The conquerors of yesterday may have been prematurely ripped from the tit and carried this animosity into their adult lives. The destruction of the human species could be in the very near future, as the triad of nuclear weapons will be unleashed. This scenario could be as simple as the perceived thought that well suckled SOCK TITS are disgusting and must be prevented at all costs. After all, the dinosaurs went extinct when somewhere along the genetic mutations of countless generations, their eggs became tasty. Their species died out because their fertilized seed become breakfast, lunch, and dinner to a smaller, more agile, stealthy, mammal species. Death is built into life. The most intelligent species on the planet yet, may succumb to its own vanity.

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