An ancient, legal ritual between two people of the opposite sex, establishing a set of rights and obligations, is known as a marriage. In Asia and Europe, various precedents were established to protect the woman in the event that the husband died or divorced. One form was a dowry, that was paid to the parents of the groom by the parents of the bride. This payment of money or property was, in reality, a last will given at the wedding ceremony. It insured the daughter received her parent’s inheritance because even though it was given to the groom’s parents, the asset stayed with the bride. Another version from equatorial Africa was a bride price paid to the parents of the bride by the groom’s parents, in the form of farm animals or crops. Since the root of a marriage is initially about physical attraction, then about sex and possible procreation, one had to pay for vaginal access or the ability to carry on one’s genetic Iineage. However, if the male was extremely good looking, then the panties fell like a World Trade Building. Mothers want handsome, healthy babies. They know they are more apt to succeed in Iife and thus take care of them, if the father exits the scene. In modern western societies, marriages are dwindling, and divorces are on the rise. In a group of close-knit couples in America, studies have shown that if a couple divorces within that group, divorce is 75% more likely for the remaining pairs. This is the monkey see, monkey do syndrome. Another contemporary trend is same sex marriages. Female/female weddings comprise 55% compared to 45% for male/male marriages. This is evident in the fact that females are more committal than their male counterparts. Legal permission is imparted to consummate the marriage, which is an approval of sexual intercourse. The male gay couple usually exercise the anal penetration method, where the fecal material is pushed back up the rectum and forms a stool blockage. This is known as CONSTIPATING THE MARRIAGE.  

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