In the course of a human’s life, over 31.5 million seconds pass by each year. Each one is a moment in time that the individual is experiencing some type of sensory inputs that are briefly stored in their memories. When they are awake, they are usually too busy to comprehend all the fantastic and fascinating stimuli that they are being exposed to every day. When they are sleeping, dreams come into play, and entertains the person with fantastic or bazaar stories that one rarely recalls. Although we are constantly bombarded, day and night, with colorful collections of our own personal history, we only remember specific times in our yesterday’s gone by. The most incredible times in any individual’s life add up to only 6 perfect days. In your youth, 1 or 2 days will stand out above all else. Everything went right on those occasions. You won the game, you saw beauty and mystery in nature, you caught a huge fish, you had a birthday party, or you started school. Santa unleashed his magic at Christmas. You hiked 100 miles (more like 5) into the unknown behind your house, and you survived. These days are vivid. Later, as you got older, it was your first car at the Drive-In with your friend(s), your introduction to hormones, your graduation (finally), or your first job that you liked. Your introduction to alcohol (oh boy), or your first day of total independence. Whatever these were, you only had 1 or 2 great days left. They might be your wedding, your first child, your career, or your little plot of land that belongs only to you (providing you paid your taxes), or a massive family reunion. So now we’re all coming to the finish line and there’s only 1 great day left. There’s a rumor running around that says as you exit this world, your entire life will flash before your eyes. As time slows, you will happily review all that has happened. Every one of those billion seconds of life will be just like those 5 greatest days that all humans have.

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