These mystery mouths that gobble up visible matter like a Pac Man video game are scattered throughout the universe. The smallest Black Hole yet discovered is about 15 miles in diameter and has a mass of approximately 3.8 times that of our sun. Current theory predicts that a collapsing star of just 1.7 to 2.7 solar masses is the threshold point for a dying star to form a black hole and anything smaller becomes a neutron star. These black holes floating around are the factories that convert visible matter into dark matter and standard energy into dark energy. How it physically works, is at this time unknown, however, it could be compared to an auto theft ring. First the black hole forms from a crushed star into a much smaller size. Like the Ford truck plant that manufactures many new trucks per year, a chop shop only produces a few dozen per year. It steals parts and whole trucks from neighboring dealerships and private owners just like a black hole steals matter and energy from anything nearby in its gravitational field. The truck goes into the chop shop as one model and comes out on the other side as something totally different. Chop shops have boarded up windows and doors so as not to reveal what is taking place in there. Black holes emit no light, not because of extreme gravity, but because they have black tarps draped over them and don’t want scientists to know what they are up to. Finally, the truck emerging from the chop shop will get shipped off to another part of the state, where there is less chance of it being recognized. The dark matter and energy created by the black hole is jettisoned out to a remote corner of a galaxy far away so that a nearby surviving star that has seen his neighbor being pulled into a black hole doesn’t say, “Hey! Black Hole!” “That dark matter floating around Antares sure looks a lot like my ex buddy Nova Centauri, who disappeared 7 years ago.” “KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT?” 

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