The Big Bang Theory, besides being a television sitcom series revolving around 4 nerd scientists, it is also a cosmic conjecture about our universe and its postulated beginnings. lts preface includes a fixed quantity of extremely hot and dense energy bound up in a tiny point called a singularity that violently explodes (expands). As this energy flies out at astronomical speeds, the first thing that is created is space. For nearly 14 billion years, space has spewing out at all levels, atomic, planetary, and celestial. That means our incredibly empty universe contains only 0.0000000000000000000042% of physical matter. Pretty damn sparse. The reason for this expansion is quite simple, survivability. When the Big Bang first took place, it was a mad scramble for the entrapped energy to get away from its infinitely small prison cell. There was all kinds of commotion going on in the first few microseconds as huge quantities of energy was converted into matter (E=MC squared). This matter, that formed electrons, protons, and neutrons, did not like being confined, so four forces came into being to get them to form simple elements like hydrogen and helium. Later in star cores and supernovae detonations did other elements arrive. All the while, the matter accelerated away from other matter unless held in place by enormous gravity and other fundamental forces. Like humans, which are composed of organic molecules (matter), over time, they both need more space. The art of murder was first introduced when some human of dubious design entered into the space of another. Race and religion are two factors that are reported to cause wars, but someone has to enter someone’s space for violence to occur. Eskimos never fought the Persians and the Apaches never went to war with the Zulus; not because they love each other, but because large spaces separated them. As the universe grows larger, but earth’s space shrinks, the next Big Bang will be humans going off. 

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