In studying astrophysics and astronomy, mathematics is the tool used to describe the mechanics of what is being observed. It can predict and prove your prognostications with mathematical formulas, that can be simple or quite complex. For the most part, this works fine and employs thousands of people trying to explain to the layman what the hell is going on out there. The only flaw in the ointment is that in mathematics, you cannot divide by zero, yet zero is a number. Should we seek a new system to explain what we observe? Oh, hell no. We have way too much time invested in this discipline, so we just have to make stuff up to explain any mysteries that pop up. When the universe was observed to be expanding and also accelerating, the scientists were flabbergasted. So, over the decades, many talented geniuses through math and scrutiny came up with dark matter and dark energy. None of it has been observed, but it sure explains the discrepancies quite accurately. The amazing part is the the vast majority of the entire universe is composed of these two perceived components. You might be able to see them if you looked through a very powerful telescope with the lens cap on. The estimated age of the universe is 13.82 billion years old, and just recently substantial proof of numerous and super massive black holes has been proven. They are so intense gravity-wise, that they are gobbling up the visible universe one star at a time and that light cannot escape its hold. In reality these are giant paint booths that are transforming our visible universe to an invisible one. The yin needs a yang. Being in operation for billions of years, our ratio of visible is turning invisible but it is in still in equilibrium. Matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transposed. In time, new WHITE HOLES will surface throughout our universe, and coalesce into the singularity that our universe began from. Job security for all our world scientists will prevail. 

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